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US International Arbitration

A collection of the most recent US international arbitration decisions is available here. Decisions can be quickly retrieved by using the filter tools below.

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  • Young v. Exeter Finance Corp., No. 3:19-CV-00636 (M.D. Tenn. Aug. 8, 2019)

    Magistrate judge recommended that defendant’s motion to compel arbitration of pro se civil claims be granted.  Magistrate judge found that arbitration should be compelled pursuant to the FAA, rejecting plaintiff’s arguments that the arbitration agreement should not be enforced because the contracts at issue were either assigned or breached.

  • Taboada A. v. AmFirst Insurance Co., No. 3:18-CV-00883-TSL-RHW (S.D. Miss. Aug. 6, 2019)

    Court granted plaintiff’s motion to compel arbitration of claims related to an insurance policy.  Defendant argued that another entity had assumed the insurance policy with the arbitration agreement and it was no longer enforceable against the defendant.  Court found this argument went to the validity of the contract as a whole, not specifically to the arbitration clause, and thus should be decided by the arbitrator.  Court also refused to direct AAA to administer the arbitration when it had declined, deciding to appoint an arbitrator to administer under the AAA rules agreed to in the arbitration agreement.